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smlogoWelcome to Y.K. Physical Consultant

Improve Your Health / Relief From Pain and Injury
Learn Rare Traditional Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Martial Arts & Exercise Classes
With over 60 years of experience in traditional Chinese martial arts and medicine, Mr. Wong has a sincere desire to pass on the authentic art in a traditional format.

Traditional Format Teaching
Small private setting with small groups
Direct teaching from YK Wong

Healing & Pain Relief
Y.K. Wong uses proven methods
of accupressure and exercise, as
well as methods handed down from
his family and learned throughout
years of martial arts training; to
exact pain relief, recovery from
injury, aging and many other ailments.

Benefits of Yi Chuan & Tai Chi
Low impact benefiting everyone
Improved circulation
Better balance
Improved Longevity
Health recovery & Maintenance
More energy


The Unique Art of Yi Chuan (Mind Body Fist)
“The ground is the body, the body is the fist.”

Proper development of Yi Chuan requires an experienced instructor, who understands the proper "methods" and "process" to yield it's unique feel and effectiveness.
Founded by Wong Xiangzhai & centered around the art of Xing Yi. Wong wished to combine the best aspects from many martial arts, along with principles from Buddhism, Taoism and Medical Chi Gong,
in order to create a new more effective healing and martial art.
It’s gentle movements and focus on standing are body friendly and can benefit everyone, especially the elderly and those with health issues.
Many problems like arthritis, mobility and high blood pressure can be helped or eliminated.

Central Concept of Yi Chuan
Six Dimension Force
– Forward, Back, Left, Right, Up & Down
An important and unique quality of the Yi Chuan is the ability to maintain all dimension of force at one time in your awareness and feeling, even while moving. All six directions must be inherently maintained to create balance and maximize force, sensitivity and balance.

Six Force Components of Yi Chuan
These six force components are combined to create proper Yi Chuan force. This is seperate from the six directions. The six dimension force and six components of force are combined together inherently in all movements.
1.) Rebound Force (like a basket ball bounce) 2.) Spring Force (like jumping)
3.) Centrifugal turning force 4.) Leverage Force 5.) Twisting Force 6.) Explosive Force

The Condensed Nature of Yi Chuan
Yi chuan begins and centers around a small number of fundamental movemetns. These movements are very concentrated and based on conceptual development, which will allow the student to develop a foundational skill, which will lead to almost unlimited movement and adaptation.

The Key To Success With Yi Chuan Practice
Standing Meditation
(Posting) is a key to developing the six dimensional force of Yi Chuan

The standing of Yi Chuan develops essential elements of:
                1. A feeling of solidity
                2. The body feeling heavy like lead
                3. A feeling of unification of body in one contiguous dynamic piece
                4. Such sensitivity that the hairs of the arms are like small sensing antennas.

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