Can Powerful Politicians work together for America…..

CNN: Investigations and Hearings are on and on……It seems cooking the rice soup without rice…

Based on CNN: Food Stamp member jump from 22M to 44M, 2% rich pay 46% Taxes, over ten years, there are no budget for the FED, Health Pro. is going to fall apart, War continues going on, 20 T debts seem not ending……

Insurance: up and up, low income people will drive car without insurance soon….

Social violence: It is daily…Chennel3: Robbery, forced break in, killing without mercy, police are paying the price…It is because of Black Life Matter…. Everything is racial discrimination…….Can people review their own conducts….?

Constitution: Politicians put their fingers to each other…” You are violated the Constitution”….Can those people realize that if they don’t do their duties, they are violated the law….?

America: They do the similar dirty jobs like every foreign countries, why waste the time and money for BS………….Americans are tired and sick of this kind nonsense….D. Trump wins the Presidency, it is a wake up call….

America politicians want to lead the world, under these circumstances, it is only part of them, if the history is correct, there are no chance…..

Human Right and Freedom of Speech: Over ten years war, because of fault information, the consequence creates the Human Disaster….Freedom of Speech, really ? If you are a powerful person…..

America is the best country on earth, can people see that?

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” Van Jones ” like people, wake up…America does not have color eye…This is America….

Sun Tzu: When you are involving in a war, you will do everything to win…..

This candidate makes different kind of  movements, speech ,…to confuse the adversary and takes advantage of them…..and WIN…

This candidate stands up to against all ODDS and WIN…Can people see it!! Can people see his capacity…..See his healthy strength incredible!!

This candidates has done nothing to America and American yet, why people are upset due to his success….

All the media experts are shocked, because they see nothing deeper….Sun Tzu: You can see ” The Sun and Moon only”, you don’t have the good eyes yet…..

This candidate delivers the winning message to Americans such as : secured the border, bring back every section of industries back to USA, strong military so as the internal and foreign policies….etc.

Every speech, it draws ten of thousands American to attend the meeting….THAT MEANS, he speaks out the “American Voice” loud and clear, that is why American support him, period !!

Folks, put down your biased concepts and educate your people… Don’t live on the past experiences…..

“America doesn’t send people to the awkward place”….,  people approach to all kind of bad place by their own will…..

All the biased experts on Media Show: Why you have to day and live comfortable…..Because you are living in America…..

American sends the current guy as President for 8 years….The evaluation is up to the PUBLIC.

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The Debate of President Candidate………

By history, if you are rich and famous, there are women rush to get your attention and please around you….

If you are powerful and rich, well, they are waiting for you like the “bee and honey”…What’s new !!

It is the News Media dig out the dirt to support or paint the candidates for their agenda….

When people vote, they should consider who will be the one to do his/her duty….Who will lead the country to be prosperous and saved….

“Which politician would not lie or cheat…?”

The empty promise is BS…Look at the current Congress …Most of them should not be there….” Put the country in huge debts …Vote for war based on fault information…Continue this silly policy without deep thinking the consequences…People die for nothing…m of families are forced to drift around the world…Broken families are suffering….

” CNN: Why they hate us??”   The above may give the hints….

America keep printing money for war and wasting money for funky allies …..Economy seems good…look it deeper!! It seems people are using credit card to show off how well they are. Just in few years, debts are from 16T to 20 T…..

Drug problems are flooding the society,  unsaved society is getting worst….Well Fargo just put up the bullet proved window…Folks, it is not a good sign!!

ABC local News: Rape, murder, robbery, forced break-in daily….

Congress need to do their duty and work with the President to make good policy inside out…

They keep saying they are working for America and Americans….They do not even have a reasonable budget in ten years…They want free college for  students but the debts are 20 T…..Social Security may be out of money….They keep saying they want peaceful world, but they continue raising conflict with the sec. and rd.  powerful countries……It does not make sense!!

America’s image is ruined…..American should vote for the real leader not the Marlakey…..

Sun Tzu: “Tao” . The whole country should be one Mind……

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America’s Black Life Matter…..

America History is barely over 200 years ……

America has been building one of the best place to live…….

Slave, Racial problem and Tribe’s Conflicts…. start the day one, since Human beings exist… AMERICA just carries on the human trend…..America’s white women does not have the Voting Right until 50′….It will take time to change the old way of life…..

America currently has “Black President, General, Doctors, Rich Business Men and Women, Rich Athlete, etc”….You can’t find anywhere in the world…..People still complain!!

Look at the current old countries Such as India, China and Egypt, some part of their places are still holding the slave system……

America’s housing project has more living space than the multi-M of Hong Kong people….America has more aids than anywhere in the world…..Look at the current Africa Continental, you want to live there….? Our ancestors pay the price to set up these opportunities…get them while they exist…..

America is the land of Freedom and Opportunity, period!!

“Let’s talk about this Black Movement…”

It starts in Ferguson, MO….”Michael Brown”, this fellow robs the convenient store, then fights with police….then runs away….

He acts as criminal, fights with police, and ignores the police command..What do you think?

America’s police forces are not perfect, but most of them are doing their job…People go out to have fun with vandalism, hold the weapon wandering on street at mid night…etc, you are looking for trouble and then blame police to take an action…………….It is beyond imagination!

Now a day, it seems that if you are not Black, you are Nothing…..Our leader supports them. Everything is racial problem such as Black Professor case, Micheal Brown… as the Maryland event and etc….Can people see through the facts before they open their fancy mouth!!

The ‘Rap Art’ was invited to White House…Any common sense?

Look at current society, robbery, forced break in, murder, rape,…you name it you have it!  ABC local News can tell you! People like them, they have the support…They know they probably will get pardon……

Where are the problems ?  Most of the women,they have 3-5 children before they are 25….They start as teen mothers, they don’t event know how to take care of themselves, how can they teach their children…..Their children grow up without direction and wandering on the street…Then what do you expect….?

Our leaders are kissing their ass for vote in stead of educating them the meaningful importance of VOTE….If the trend continues,  America will fall apart in the near future into few pieces..The Black, The Mexican, and White Folk…..

Folks, we are living on the same Continental, we should get along and make this place better….We are in the same ship, don’t wreck it!!

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It seems that America is right at the crossing road….

The Tea Party is a waked up call, the current GOP candidate movement is another indication about the frustration of Americans…..

Will the public servants remember their duties..?

America has gone  to war over ten years….What is the purpose to involve war affairs….??

Sun Tzu: War is for peace…Deep thinking about the consequence, war can stimulate the economy, but it may pull down the country and civilians will suffer….

War is not for personal legacy…Sun Tzu: Flexible to deal with the circumstance…If war is claimed, then no boots are on the ground, it is nonsense…..

America should never involve another country civil war..However under certain circumstance…America has no choice but it should complete its obligation.

“The back off, step down…of another countries..” Only God can help now!!

America stands for Human Right and Freedom of Speech……Look at M of refugees, thousand of thousand dead people…..America’s Image is  ruined.

Trillion of dollars are wasted over sea, in America, homeless and sick Vets are forgotten…..

It was said that Social Security will be broken…How can it be ?It is because Politicians manipulate this money for other wasting programs….If the Trillions are not wasted for meaningless war and political corruption….Social Security will be saved…It is American’s money!!

Home Land Security: Without secured border, there will never have security period !! When the terrorists make a rumor or send a package in the airplane, then it will cost America few B. of dollar to set up the safety concern…

Military Strength: 400 B are spent for F35, but it still has problem…Blend new navy ships can not return the ship yard…..It seems a sad story….

Over ten years, America’s budget is unknown….

Economy: Unemployment rate is 41/2 …Really? CNN report seems different…

On and on, can our leaders wake up from their legacy dream and meaningful do something good for America and Americans…..

“I have a dream:…….

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