It seems that America is right at the crossing road….

The Tea Party is a waked up call, the current GOP candidate movement is another indication about the frustration of Americans…..

Will the public servants remember their duties..?

America has goneĀ  to war over ten years….What is the purpose to involve war affairs….??

Sun Tzu: War is for peace…Deep thinking about the consequence, war can stimulate the economy, but it may pull down the country and civilians will suffer….

War is not for personal legacy…Sun Tzu: Flexible to deal with the circumstance…If war is claimed, then no boots are on the ground, it is nonsense…..

America should never involve another country civil war..However under certain circumstance…America has no choice but it should complete its obligation.

“The back off, step down…of another countries..” Only God can help now!!

America stands for Human Right and Freedom of Speech……Look at M of refugees, thousand of thousand dead people…..America’s Image isĀ  ruined.

Trillion of dollars are wasted over sea, in America, homeless and sick Vets are forgotten…..

It was said that Social Security will be broken…How can it be ?It is because Politicians manipulate this money for other wasting programs….If the Trillions are not wasted for meaningless war and political corruption….Social Security will be saved…It is American’s money!!

Home Land Security: Without secured border, there will never have security period !! When the terrorists make a rumor or send a package in the airplane, then it will cost America few B. of dollar to set up the safety concern…

Military Strength: 400 B are spent for F35, but it still has problem…Blend new navy ships can not return the ship yard…..It seems a sad story….

Over ten years, America’s budget is unknown….

Economy: Unemployment rate is 41/2 …Really? CNN report seems different…

On and on, can our leaders wake up from their legacy dream and meaningful do something good for America and Americans…..

“I have a dream:…….

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