America’s Black Life Matter…..

America History is barely over 200 years ……

America has been building one of the best place to live…….

Slave, Racial problem and Tribe’s Conflicts…. start the day one, since Human beings exist… AMERICA just carries on the human trend…..America’s white women does not have the Voting Right until 50′….It will take time to change the old way of life…..

America currently has “Black President, General, Doctors, Rich Business Men and Women, Rich Athlete, etc”….You can’t find anywhere in the world…..People still complain!!

Look at the current old countries Such as India, China and Egypt, some part of their places are still holding the slave system……

America’s housing project has more living space than the multi-M of Hong Kong people….America has more aids than anywhere in the world…..Look at the current Africa Continental, you want to live there….? Our ancestors pay the price to set up these opportunities…get them while they exist…..

America is the land of Freedom and Opportunity, period!!

“Let’s talk about this Black Movement…”

It starts in Ferguson, MO….”Michael Brown”, this fellow robs the convenient store, then fights with police….then runs away….

He acts as criminal, fights with police, and ignores the police command..What do you think?

America’s police forces are not perfect, but most of them are doing their job…People go out to have fun with vandalism, hold the weapon wandering on street at mid night…etc, you are looking for trouble and then blame police to take an action…………….It is beyond imagination!

Now a day, it seems that if you are not Black, you are Nothing…..Our leader supports them. Everything is racial problem such as Black Professor case, Micheal Brown… as the Maryland event and etc….Can people see through the facts before they open their fancy mouth!!

The ‘Rap Art’ was invited to White House…Any common sense?

Look at current society, robbery, forced break in, murder, rape,…you name it you have it!  ABC local News can tell you! People like them, they have the support…They know they probably will get pardon……

Where are the problems ?  Most of the women,they have 3-5 children before they are 25….They start as teen mothers, they don’t event know how to take care of themselves, how can they teach their children…..Their children grow up without direction and wandering on the street…Then what do you expect….?

Our leaders are kissing their ass for vote in stead of educating them the meaningful importance of VOTE….If the trend continues,  America will fall apart in the near future into few pieces..The Black, The Mexican, and White Folk…..

Folks, we are living on the same Continental, we should get along and make this place better….We are in the same ship, don’t wreck it!!

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