The Debate of President Candidate………

By history, if you are rich and famous, there are women rush to get your attention and please around you….

If you are powerful and rich, well, they are waiting for you like the “bee and honey”…What’s new !!

It is the News Media dig out the dirt to support or paint the candidates for their agenda….

When people vote, they should consider who will be the one to do his/her duty….Who will lead the country to be prosperous and saved….

“Which politician would not lie or cheat…?”

The empty promise is BS…Look at the current Congress …Most of them should not be there….” Put the country in huge debts …Vote for war based on fault information…Continue this silly policy without deep thinking the consequences…People die for nothing…m of families are forced to drift around the world…Broken families are suffering….

” CNN: Why they hate us??”   The above may give the hints….

America keep printing money for war and wasting money for funky allies …..Economy seems good…look it deeper!! It seems people are using credit card to show off how well they are. Just in few years, debts are from 16T to 20 T…..

Drug problems are flooding the society,  unsaved society is getting worst….Well Fargo just put up the bullet proved window…Folks, it is not a good sign!!

ABC local News: Rape, murder, robbery, forced break-in daily….

Congress need to do their duty and work with the President to make good policy inside out…

They keep saying they are working for America and Americans….They do not even have a reasonable budget in ten years…They want free college for  students but the debts are 20 T…..Social Security may be out of money….They keep saying they want peaceful world, but they continue raising conflict with the sec. and rd.  powerful countries……It does not make sense!!

America’s image is ruined…..American should vote for the real leader not the Marlakey…..

Sun Tzu: “Tao” . The whole country should be one Mind……

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