” Van Jones ” like people, wake up…America does not have color eye…This is America….

Sun Tzu: When you are involving in a war, you will do everything to win…..

This candidate makes different kind of  movements, speech ,…to confuse the adversary and takes advantage of them…..and WIN…

This candidate stands up to against all ODDS and WIN…Can people see it!! Can people see his capacity…..See his healthy strength incredible!!

This candidates has done nothing to America and American yet, why people are upset due to his success….

All the media experts are shocked, because they see nothing deeper….Sun Tzu: You can see ” The Sun and Moon only”, you don’t have the good eyes yet…..

This candidate delivers the winning message to Americans such as : secured the border, bring back every section of industries back to USA, strong military so as the internal and foreign policies….etc.

Every speech, it draws ten of thousands American to attend the meeting….THAT MEANS, he speaks out the “American Voice” loud and clear, that is why American support him, period !!

Folks, put down your biased concepts and educate your people… Don’t live on the past experiences…..

“America doesn’t send people to the awkward place”….,  people approach to all kind of bad place by their own will…..

All the biased experts on Media Show: Why you have to day and live comfortable…..Because you are living in America…..

American sends the current guy as President for 8 years….The evaluation is up to the PUBLIC.

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