Can Powerful Politicians work together for America…..

CNN: Investigations and Hearings are on and on……It seems cooking the rice soup without rice…

Based on CNN: Food Stamp member jump from 22M to 44M, 2% rich pay 46% Taxes, over ten years, there are no budget for the FED, Health Pro. is going to fall apart, War continues going on, 20 T debts seem not ending……

Insurance: up and up, low income people will drive car without insurance soon….

Social violence: It is daily…Chennel3: Robbery, forced break in, killing without mercy, police are paying the price…It is because of Black Life Matter…. Everything is racial discrimination…….Can people review their own conducts….?

Constitution: Politicians put their fingers to each other…” You are violated the Constitution”….Can those people realize that if they don’t do their duties, they are violated the law….?

America: They do the similar dirty jobs like every foreign countries, why waste the time and money for BS………….Americans are tired and sick of this kind nonsense….D. Trump wins the Presidency, it is a wake up call….

America politicians want to lead the world, under these circumstances, it is only part of them, if the history is correct, there are no chance…..

Human Right and Freedom of Speech: Over ten years war, because of fault information, the consequence creates the Human Disaster….Freedom of Speech, really ? If you are a powerful person…..

America is the best country on earth, can people see that?

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